Glidden, Horses and Cows: Oh My!

As discussed in the last blog, Joseph Glidden was one of the few prominent Illinois men who brought the Percheron draft horse into the Dekalb area. This blog post will go into detail about Glidden’s horses, but also the short-horn cattle that he raised and the DeKalb County Stock Farm. While the Percheron stud book […]

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The Percheron Plow: A History

A powerful draft horse helped settle the Illinois prairie and provided a hobby for thousands of aristocratic gentlemen. The Percheron horse became synonymous with a powerful, living machine for millions of farmers and a dedicated hobby horse for the aristocracy to experiment in the breeding and showing of horses. Joseph Glidden would become known not […]

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The Homestead Attire Part 1

The Glidden Homestead contains many articles of clothing in its archive that have been obtained for its collection. Many of them have been owned by people in the Glidden family or were closely related. This series will be looking at these clothing articles. This piece is a men’s double breasted tailcoat in fair condition that […]

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Glidden Coat of Arms Part 2

The second Glidden coat of arms is presented on a piece of paper that is in a frame (see image 3). It depicts a shield below a blue and silver or white knight helmet. On top of the knight helmet, is a wreath with alternating colors gold and blue. Situated above the knight helmet, is […]

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