Glidden Coat of Arms Part 2

The second Glidden coat of arms is presented on a piece of paper that is in a frame (see image 3). It depicts a shield below a blue and silver or white knight helmet. On top of the knight helmet, is a wreath with alternating colors gold and blue. Situated above the knight helmet, is […]

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Glidden Coat of Arms Part 1

There are two different but similar Glidden coat of arms. Based on the shape of the shields in the two Glidden coat of arms they date from the late 12th century to the early 15th century. The first Glidden coat of arms is presented on a wooden plaque (see image 2). It depicts a shield, […]

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Heraldry and Coat of Arms Part 2

The development of the coat of arms created an ideal symbol to confirm the idea of a stable, ancient and exclusive bloodline. Coat of arms have been associated predominantly with Europeans and they are recorded in heraldic archives. The symbols used in coat of arms are meant to represent the achievements of the person, countries, […]

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Heraldry and Coat of Arms Part 1

Heraldry was developed as a means of identifying an individual. Heraldry can strengthen family ties and family pride, which enriches our life and strengthens our community.[1] Heraldry is associated with coat of arms, because of the role the herald plays in recording the blazons. Blazons are used to describe the textual description of the coat […]

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Heraldry in America

Heraldry and coat of arms are very important to understanding family history, because they are used for remembering the past, which can bring a new awareness to the present, and they are a standard of noble and/or knightly behavior. In America, most ancestors had the pioneer spirit, because they left their homes in other countries […]

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The Glidden Surname

When a family comes over from another country, their last name becomes Americanized. The Glidden surname was adopted after the Norman Conquest of 1060/66 in 1300 AD. The name “Glidden” comes from three sources, they are: fish, birds, and quadrapeds. The Glidden Clan was known for their swift moving hunting ability.[1] In England, the name […]

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